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Notimex, News Agency of Mexican state

International Partners

Notimex, Mexican news agency

Notimex is the number one news agency in Latin America offering Spanish-language coverage. It was established 50 years ago. The digital news agency publishes verified, accurate and trusted reports on developments around the world using multimedia solutions. Building on its professional team and round-the-clock news coverage, Notimex gained prominence on the world media stage. Its correspondents and photographers across Mexico add to the content created by journalists, photographers and operators based at the agency’s headquarters in Mexico City.

Notimex offers extensive coverage of developments across the world, relying on its flexible network of reporters with 25 international hubs in North and South America and Europe. With partners in Africa and the Middle East, as well as information exchange agreements with a number of international news agencies, Notimex is able to provide coverage on Asia and Africa.


- In 2017, www.notimex.com.mx published some 150,000 articles, 90,000 photos, 70,000 news reports on social media and about 1,000 infographics. Of this total, some 40,000 materials were accompanied by audiovisual materials. This content generated a total of 168 million views across various media outlets and social networks.

– The Notimex website had 900,000 users, 3.2 million views and almost 35 million search queries (Google Analytics). The agency has around one million subscribers on social media.