Lilou, an inside view of autism

My brother and his dog
Around 650,000 people in France have Autism Spectrum Disorders — it is definitely becoming essential to understand them and listen to them. Only 0.5% of these people could work in an ordinary environment, which obviously delays any inclusion strategy. A disconcerting reality when we know that learning and socialization are the only real ways to build an independent future. French photographer Lucie Hodiesne Darras knows this reality well. This is evidenced by her documentary series Lilou, started in 2018, in which she captures the daily life of her brother Antoine, who has ASD. "Lilou is the nickname we gave my brother Antoine, who is now 34 years old. He is an exceptional person, living in a world different from ours." Through this visual ensemble, we can discover its fantastic protagonist, a complex person full of life. Incredibly poignant, the Lilou images communicate the diversity of emotions that run through his life.